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My Favorite Printable Art, The Best Frames & Where To Have Them Printed

When decorating a room, art can make a really big impact. Unfortunately most large scale art is really expensive. One of the most effective ways to fill walls on a budget is to buy art downloads that can be printed locally. Most of these options can be purchased, printed and framed for under $50, and I am talking about a 20"x30"+ print! I've rounded up some of my favorites from the three online sources I purchase from most often!


ocean | pink building | palm trees | ocean sunset | cacti | pool | succulent | ocean | abstract

Brittney Gurr Prints:

pink flowers | agave | beach | cabbage | daisies | petrified

Jenny's Print Shop:

cacti | daisies | tree | ferris wheel | new yorker | sunflowers | hollywood | i like you

My favorite place to print these digital art prints is Costco. The quality is wonderful, you can print a 20"x30" for $10 and they are SO fast! If you want to print larger than 20"x30" I would recommend Staples. Again, they are affordable and so fast!

As far as framing goes, I tend to use the same ones over and over due to the affordable cost and simple design.

My favorites are:

Ikea Ribba frames. They come pre-matted and in so many sizes! 

Target Room Essentials frames. These aren't quite as large as the Ribba frames, but they look great in a grouping on the wall. 

You can also find large/affordable frames at craft stores like Hobby Lobby & Michaels!