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My Favorite Things - 2019

In lieu of a gift guide this year, I have rounded up items that I own and love from 2019 (you can definitely still use this as a gift guide if you wish!). I guess it is basically the same thing, except I can personally vouch for every single item on this list! Feel free to use this as a guide, a wish list, or refer back to it throughout the year!!

A few things I also loved but was unable to link above:

* Hiatus Spa mani/pedis (called The One & Only and it’s truly magical). I was gifted a membership and have savored my monthly treat!

* The Peloton app subscription. We purchased an affordable stationary bike and an iPad mount, and we love taking the Peloton cycle classes. Something to note-they have more than just cycle classes- including yoga, strength training, running, meditation, bootcamp, etc.!

* Gabby Bernstein’s Miracle Membership. New uplifting content monthly, access to so many great podcasts, videos, and meditations. My favorite meditations are from Gabby!