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Inspired by: Costa Rica

We escaped reality for a week this spring to celebrate Kyle’s birthday, and it was both refreshing and inspiring to experience a new culture for ten days. We explored a few surf towns and had quite the adventure along the way.

Our first stop was Nosara, a relaxed beach town where everything was tucked away and seemingly hidden in the jungle. We stayed at La Negra Surf Hotel & Soda. It was perfectly minimal and a quick walk to the beach.

Some of our favorite spots in Nosara were Go Juice, La Luna and Olo Alaia. We spent a great deal of time at the bar at La Negra and at our own little set up on the beach. La Luna was the star of the Nosara trip. It is completely hidden, impossible to find unless you set out to find it. It sits right on the beach but is also tucked back into the vegetation. The architecture and décor in the restaurant is beautiful and the view is un-matched. We had the most romantic dinner here, on the covered porch as it poured rain. It was insane.

The adventure really began when we started the trek to Santa Teresa. It was a 4-5 hour drive through breathtaking country and slightly terrifying road blocks. We encountered water crossings, steep hills/drop-offs, and drove for hours without any sign of human life. It feels nice to know that there are parts of the world that are left mostly untouched, left just as they were created.

As soon as we arrived in Santa Teresa I fell in love. I have a feeling it is a town that we will travel back to year after year. We stayed at a quaint hotel called Otro Lado that offered coffee and yoga every morning. We spent most mornings on the beach and explored the town in the afternoons.

We watched the sunset every evening at Brisas Del Mar and somehow were the only ones there every time.

One day we drove into Montezuma to visit the waterfalls. I think we must have missed the “trails” because we ended up walking up the river on what was definitely not a defined trail. But as is usually the case, the terrifying journey there was well worth the beauty we experienced upon arrival.

On one of our more relaxing days we took a trip to the spa at Florblanca. This resort was stunning and sat on a beautiful portion of the beach. After our spa treatments (which were amazing) we spent the rest of the evening pretending like we were staying at this beautiful resort. I would highly recommend staying here if you visit Santa Teresa!

We stopped into a few other cool places that are worth mentioning. The Zwart Art Gallery opened the weekend we were down there and I now have my eye on a few pieces of her art! The Kina Surf Shop is where Kyle rented his board for the week and the Selina hostel has a great coffee shop + pretty curb appeal (I couldn’t stop taking photos of the pink building)!

This trip was filled with inspiration and so many sweet memories and I can’t wait for our next visit. In the meantime, I have rounded up some items inspired by our trip to help bring a little bit of Costa Rica into your home!

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