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6 Tips for Creating Easy + Affordable Place Settings

It is almost ridiculous the amount of joy I get from setting a table. Typically it feels like tablescapes are reserved for major holidays but I totally disagree with that logic! You can take any dinner party to the next level with just a few easy (and affordable!) items. Whether you’re having a dinner date at home, hosting a birthday brunch or just having a casual dinner party, here are six ideas for amping up your typical place settings:

1. Fresh flowers. Add a vase of fresh flowers or even greenery trimmed from your back yard to the center of the table (or little mini bouquets on each plate). This instantly elevates the look of your table. If you're feeling adventurous you can even scatter fresh greenery along the center of the table creating a fresh table runner like I did below! 

2. Kraft paper. Roll some Kraft paper down the center of your table for another inexpensive runner. So affordable. So easy.

kraft paper | charger | brass vase | glassware

3. Place cards. If you think place cards are reserved for weddings and fancy business dinners, think again. Place cards are an easy way to make your guests feel special…even if it’s just the two of you, the idea that you spent the time to personalize something goes a long way. On the table below, I grabbed chalkboard gift tags from Target and tied them around little succulents at each seat! It took about 3 minutes and I think they turned out so cute!  

vase | placemat | plates + bowls | napkin ring | tags | succulents | runner | mugs | carafe

4. Confetti. Celebrating something? Add brightly colored confetti to a white table cloth to act as a super festive (and oh so easy) table runner. The confetti below came from Target (I know, shocking) and I love the pastel hues!

flatware | cheers | napkins | glassware | plates | serving bowl | confetti

5. Tea lights. These tiny little candles can make a big impact. Below I used little dip bowls filled with salt as candle holders and scattered them along the center of the table. Candlelight is always a good idea.

flatware | placemats | plates | bowls | glassware | napkins | dip bowls | tea lights

6. Air Plants. These things are all the rage right now and I totally get it. You can’t kill them and they are so versatile (not to mention pretty). Hang them on the wall, sit them in a terrarium, on your coffee table, literally anywhere…then, when you are setting your table, throw them in the center and you’ve added instant interest!

flatware | chargers | plates + bowls | napkins | glassware | runner

I had so much fun putting the place settings together for this post! I included links to everything above so that you can get the look for your next dinner party if you see something that you love! Although none of these tips are groundbreaking, they are a fun reminder that creating a unique place setting doesn't have to be hard or expensive! Now go round up your friends, grab a tip or two from above and throw an end-of-summer soirée! Your guests will be totally impressed!

* photography by Laura Alexandra