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Wow- thank you so much for stopping by and exploring HMD’s design services. I believe that our homes are a sacred space for experiencing so many of life’s joys, and I am truly honored to be invited into yours. To get started, tell me all about your space here at the HMD Inquiry Form. – Haley


With the project scope now defined, a project start date will be selected. Along with date confirmation, Haley will send over a client agreement, design questionnaire and request for payment. Now, with the office work out of the way, let’s get this thing started!


Here’s where things start to get collaborative. With the HMD design questionnaire, the blueprint to a perfect space is all laid out...just fill in the blanks and we’ll be off to the races. A thorough questionnaire will include plenty of inspiration photos, room dimensions, overall budget, as well as photos of the existing room along with pictures of any décor or furniture that you would like incorporated into the final design. This is going to be fun!


This is when Haley will get to work, creating a one of a kind space unique to you and your budget. At HMD, we believe that quality is in the details. For you, this means a design that is thoughtfully crafted and measured down to the very inch. Please anticipate a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks.


Haley will send over an emailed invitation to the HMD portal. This is where the vision really starts coming together! Within the portal you will find two custom design boards (because who doesn’t like options!?), a to scale floor plan, as well as an itemized shopping list and product links for all items incorporated within both boards.


Give us all the thoughts! From the overall design down to the individual products, through the HMD portal you will be able to provide all of your thoughts and ideas, the more feedback the better.


With the feedback received, Haley will work on incorporating the revisions into the final board. With the next submittal, you can expect to receive an extended level of detail that will include all of the personalized accessories that will make your space feel like, well- you!


We did it! With the final revisions incorporated, your completed design will be sent over. Along with the final design board, you will be receiving an accessory plan (where our love for coffee table books, art, and travel photos really shows!), finalized floor plan, installation guide, and product links to all specified items.


No settling here! As a part of your HMD Collaborative Design package, a second round of client revisions is always included. With the latest submittal, your space has really begun taking shape. From the larger items that anchor the room, all the way down to the personal details, things should really start feeling like home, but let’s make it just right! With that, you’ll have another chance for revisions and feedback before your design is complete.


And now, it’s up to you from here…from ordering to installation, you’re well equipped with all of the tools needed to bring the vision to life. So order it all at once, a piece at a time, or whatever works best for your budget and schedule. Just don’t forget to invite us to the housewarming! :)

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