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A Modern Take on Home


Our surroundings are more than just material possessions, but instead, integral parts of our life that have a profound impact on our overall well-being. Imagine a home so inspiring, you feel more yourself in it than anywhere else in the world. With a love for vintage goods, minimal lines, and bold textiles, Haley strives to create spaces that uplift and inspire the clients that will ultimately call these spaces home.


Currently Coveting 

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Your haven for all things home! You can find design and travel inspiration over on the blog, shop a collection of pillows in The HMD Shop, or head over to the services page to learn how to work with me one-on-one to create the home of your dreams!

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If you want to be involved in the design of your home, but need help pulling together a cohesive space, collaborative design is the package for you. You provide details about your space and your desired style, and an intricately designed space is delivered directly to your inbox. Your bespoke design plan will include a floor plan, two design boards, a detailed accessory plan, art placement details, and an installation guide. Although this design package is completed remotely, you will receive all of the details you need to easily implement the design in your home. Phone and video support are available to ensure that every last detail is accounted for and to ensure that every design is implemented successfully. Collaborative design is a modern take on home design-saving you time and allowing you the flexibility to order and implement a design as your budget and schedule allows. 

Collaborative Design Package Starting at $1225


If you've got the design of your room under control but are having trouble with a specific issue or just need a little help with the finishing touches, we'd be happy to help! Schedule a 45 minute video consultation with Haley where she will help you solve your design dilemmas!

Book a Design Consultation for $250



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