Welcome to Love&Nest!

2013 was a big year. I graduated, moved to Houston and started my first full-time job.  It was a big learning experience for me. I have learned that, without some kind of creative outlet I will most definitely go crazy. Enter Love&Nest. Here is where I plan to spew all of the creative thoughts that roll around in my head all day at my 8:00 to 5:00. From the things that make my home beautiful, to my wish lists and random things I draw inspiration from-nothing is off limits! I hope you enjoy my little bits of creative fun as much as I enjoy sharing them! Below is my favorite project to date, a dining table that my boyfriend and I built. A few months ago I set out to help him find a table to fill his empty dining room space. The space had been empty for nearly two years and it was time to have a place to sit down and enjoy dinner.

There was only one problem. Dining room tables are outrageously expensive. We fell in love with tables like the pottery barn table below that were WAY out of our budget (coming in at just under $2000).

Luckily I talked Kyle into helping me build one that looks similar but costs a whole lot less. We used these plans found on the Lowes website, but tweaked them to customize the table to fit Kyle's dining space.

Although it took a pretty significant amount of time to build, the outcome was better than either of us expected. Below are the photos of our progress and then our finished product after two weekends of hard work!

Drum roll please......

When all said and done this little gem only cost us about $200 (including a little extra lumber for some mistakes we made—oops!). This price included lumber, stain, sealer, hardware and paintbrushes. We borrowed all of the power tools, but my goal is to slowly save up and acquire tools of my own! If you have a few weekends to spare, this project is a huge money-saver and the outcome is something you will use for years to come!