Furry Stool DIY

DSC_0131-1024x681 (1).jpg

Furry stools seem to be everywhere lately and I love them, so when I stumbled upon this DIY version I knew I had to give it a try! I made my stool slightly larger and changed up the color of the legs and then followed the A Beautiful Mess instructions for the rest!

What you need:

18" round wood board

16" legs

angled leg plates

spray paint

Ikea faux sheepskin

staple gun

I started by painting my legs green. I wanted to keep the metal part of the legs silver so I taped that section off before painting.

While those were drying I wrapped the round piece of wood with the faux sheepskin from Ikea and secured with staples underneath.

I then drilled the angled leg plates into the wood and attached the legs once they were dry! It took less than 10 minutes to put the whole thing together if you don't count the time it took for the spray paint to dry!

This was a quick, easy and affordable project and I love the end result! For those of us who aren't feeling particularly crafty I have included a round up of some of my favorite furry stools below!