Elephant Bookends

I have a soft spot for animals. Particularly ones made out of plastic and porcelain…If I had it my way my whole apartment would be filled with them. That would be weird so I try to keep that obsession to a minimum.

It's no big surprise that when I found these DIY bookends on Pinterest featuring toy dogs I was sold. I swapped the dogs for elephants and added some gold spray paint to the mix. This was so simple! I spray painted the wood blocks and the toy elephants and then glued them together!

This was by far the easiest project I have tried in awhile, not to mention it was super affordable. Here is a little break down of the costs:

-2 Elephant figurines $6 (purchased in the Wal-Mart toy section)

-Wood $0 (the nice guys at Home Depot let me take a scrap piece home for free)

-Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint $4

-Hot Glue Gun $0 (already owned)

Total damage: $10

So for $10 I now have these shiny little fellas staring at me from up on my shelf…. A nice addition to my strange animal collection if you ask me!

The coolest part of this project was the discovery of the scrap pile at Home Depot. If you check underneath the table saw they have set up to help customers cut wood, there is sometimes a stack of scraps that they will let you take home for free! It was a great find and I love the latest addition to my apartment!