Chalkboard Wall

Do you have a wall in your house that seems impossible to decorate? We definitely do. When you walk into our house and up the stairs to the main living space, you walk directly into it. It houses a closet door, thermostat, doorbell speaker and alarm speaker. All of these random items on the wall leave no space for art or anything pretty. DSC_0643

Kyle came up with the idea to paint it with chalkboard paint, and I think it was the perfect solution! Now the whole wall is a piece of art. We also painted with a magnetic primer so the wall is both magnetic and chalkboard—so many possibilities! Now I just need to find a pretty stencil (or someone with awesome handwriting) to make the wall look cool, like this.






We used Rustoleum chalkboard paint & magnetic primer and we Kyle applied so many coats that I lost track....patience is definitely required for this project!